The Pictish Arts Society



The Pictish Arts Society was founded in 1988.



It is the purpose of the PAS to raise public awareness of the Pictish stones, history and culture and to encourage various arts inspired by Pictish design.



Membership is open to one and all from across the globe for anyone who has an interest in the Pictish stones and arts.




All photos by Bob Henery, Strathclyde University or David McGovern


The Pictish Arts Society was founded in 1988  in response to growing interest in the Picts and their art.



Our winter lecture programme offers the public direct access to the latest research findings and archaeology.


Our newsletter is published 4 times a year and includes articles by academics, artists and archaeologists -and includes news of any Pictish stone finds...

Our Services

We offer a consultancy service for public bodies, private companies, writers and film production companies. Please use our contact form for more details.